Team Building

Communication and cooperation with others are skills we all need to learn in order to succeed in life. It is so important to start learning how to work in a team from a young age! How do we build those skills?

TEAM BUILDING! The skills learned from team building are important parts of personal and group development for your child. Practicing being an effective team member can allow children to gain confidence in their own abilities.

Here are some other skills children can development from team building:

  • Problem solving

  • Listening

  • Communication

  • Self-esteem

  • Leadership

  • Creative thinking

The best place to start team building is in the classroom. Encourage group work, and facilitate fun activities that require cooperation between classmates.

A great activity for preschool aged children is “Cats and Dogs”. You can use any animals you like! Each child must choose to be a cat or a dog, and the goal is to locate and join the others of the same animal. You must make the sounds and gestures of the animal to find others. To spice it up, try it with eyes closed!!

With In The Mix’s Dance and iPad Music-Video Program, team building is essential! We encourage teamwork amongst the students by providing them with activity roles in a safe space where they can make new friends. Ask your school or community centre about the available programs for your child to participate in, and look for programs, like In The Mix, that promote inclusivity and team building.

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