Bring the activity home with your kids

Bring the activity home with your kids

... Yes, you’re tired when you get home from work, but playing with your kids is good you both the kids AND you! It helps relieve stress, promote family bonds, and improves cooperation and support within the family.

There are several ways to be more active with your kids, but here’s a list to get you started:

  1. Go for a walk

You could go around the block or find a local trail. Make a game of it like a scavenger hunt or i-spy or some kind of alphabet game (A-Aardvark, B-bat, C-cat, etc.). A longer walk could involve a trip to the lake or local river. Scavenge for local flora/fauna or play a ‘first to see xyz’ game.

2. Get some ‘work’ done

There’s always work to do, but nothing says that it can’t be fun! Wash the car together or do some yard work – a never ending stream of work e.g. grass cutting, leaf raking, gardening, etc. In the winter you can shovel the snow. You take the driveway and they take the walkway and race to see who finishes first. Loser buys the winner a hot chocolate!

3. Create something in the snow

Design and build the best snow fort ever. Make it big enough for you both to sit in and have a snack when you’re done. Other options are building a snowman, snow angels, snowball target practice. A secret idea is to freeze some snowballs for fun on a hot summer’s day (shhhhhh – you’ll be the coolest parents on the block! In July!)

4. Winter sports – great exercise but takes more time to do and requires equipment

Nordic skiing is great exercise and offers beautiful and peaceful scenery (maybe even wildlife). Other options include snowshoeing or the more popular skating. But the deal is you get on the ice too!

5. Bike ride (duh)

A summertime fav for many kids. You can go riding with them too. Teach them to be responsible riders and learn the hand signals for turning and stopping. Or build an obstacle course to complete and time each other! (safety first)

6. Sidewalk games

Quick and simple games like hopscotch and skipping are easy to set-up and offer a bit of fun while the sun is up! Throw in some chalk drawings on the driveway and it’s a throwback to the 90s!

7. Write a play and perform it together

Let your child take the lead in this one and follow along asking questions of direction and detail. Don’t forget to tape it! (build a memory)

8. Create a dance video

Get your groove on and use the InTheMix app to get active in the living room or backyard! Have them teach you a dance move or two and record your own music video!

Using technology and our own app, In The Mix Programs teaches HipHop dance and Yoga to children in local schools, community centres, camps and charities. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada we work with children of all ages in a fin, relaxed environment to aide in their development of various social and team building skills. Visit for more information. Or click here for app


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