Not Such A Stretch


Benefits of Yoga for Children: Yoga is a popular wellness practice and many adults across the globe demonstrate its positive effects. However, these positive effects can be even more pronounced on children. The obvious benefits surround the development of strength and flexibility, but additional benefits also exist in physiology and psychology.

Concentration: improving concentration can have simple daily benefits of following through with daily tasks to completion. It can be a difficult mental condition to asses, but the benefits are noticeable with increased ability to focus and the avoidance of distractions.

Calm: for adolescents especially, anger management can be a beneficial practice and yoga has been shown to facilitate this. Through the removal of anxiety or depression helps modulate the stress response.

By helping children cope with unpleasant feelings of anxiety and depression, yoga works to assist in creating a feeling of calm. Studies suggest that yoga can also modulate the stress response.

Stress relief: with the assistance of breathing and music, yoga can be an excellent practice for stress relief for children and adolescents. Children are being confronted with stress at earlier and earlier ages. Stress with relationships, school, family, and their society can be difficult to process or work through if they never take time to calm their minds, relax and work thought the mind and body connection.

Patience: a by-product of a calm and relaxed mind, patience can be developed through a regular yoga practice. Patience is used to manage anger and frustration and can be beneficial to adolescents as they grow and adjust to society. Some preliminary studies suggest preventative benefits in psychosocial as well.

Additional benefits point to increased mental clarity, reduced anxiety and depression, increased feelings of well-being and improved coping skills. The connection to mind and body wellness is becoming clearer and yoga offers a plethora of benefits to children to help them cope with the adolescent years to come.

Using technology and our own app, In The Mix Programs teaches HipHop dance and Yoga to children in local schools, community centres, camps and charities. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada we work with children of all ages in a fin, relaxed environment to aide in their development of various social and team building skills.

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