Top Apps For Kids

Technology is quickly becoming a cornerstone in child development. Almost every parent of a young child has a story of their toddler tying to ‘swipe’ the television set or a magazine to change the image – like a touch screen tablet or mobile phone. But how often do these games and apps really develop any useful skills? Games are well and good, but wouldn’t it be great if it felt a bit like a game, but also taught or developed additional skills?

Here are a few of the apps that came up in our preliminary search for the top apps for children (of varying ages). Enjoy!

1. Math Galaxy Fraction and Decimal Riddles ($3.99)

This game-show like app can engage up to 3 players through a series of math questions. Correct responses reveal clues to solve final riddle.

2. Mr. Glue Stories (free)

A storybook app that gives creative freedom to personalize up to four stories with recordings, sound effects and more. An engaging app that works with plots, character development and simple story-telling ability.

3. Hopscotch

Coding for Kids, a visual programming language

This app has a more contemporary focus helping with problem solving and critical thinking skills through fun programming challenges that you solve through coding. Ideal for adults as well!


An app where you ‘read’ the pictures! Pictures are placed in order to create a compound noun for user to guess. A fun way to practice vocabulary and think about language.

5. Can you get 11

A total numbers game! This puzzle game app wants you to group low numbers to equal a total of 11 or higher. Good critical thinking skills – and simple math.

6. In The Mix app (our very own!)

This app records videos with customized effects. It uses music on iTunes or can use a built-in microphone. It is a great tool for creative kids working solo or in groups/teams.

Using technology and our own app, In The Mix Programs teaches HipHop dance and Yoga to children in local schools, community centres, camps and charities. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada we work with children of all ages in a fun, relaxed environment to aid in their development of various social and team building skills. Visit for more information.

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