In The Mix App

Combine Music With Videos

Record with music and microphone, and add unlimited special effects. 

Share with friends and create FEATURE FILMS with a collection of your favourite videos.

In The Mix APP Is HERE! Make fabulous videos with friends at home. Click left icon to download from iTunes today. 

We have designed the most complete video recording and editing app available. Now you can create amazing custom videos with music from your own iTunes playlist, or use with the built in MIC to record your own music or message. Included are unlimited special effects you can add and change during live recording.  Go back and change, speed up, reverse any portion of your project. When you are happy with your new video, publish and share on your favourite social media sites or to your own camera role.

Parental controls are included. 


It's fun, easy to use and all included in one fun filled app.  Available on iPod, iPhone and iPad iOS 7.